Center EX

Center EX is a suite of powerful tools to extend Center IC across the web to your clients, attendees, and the public.

Event and Counseling Registration

With Center EX, the event is entered once into Center IC, and simply published. Center EX takes care of the rest, including allowing the public to search for, register, and pay on-line for events. Furthermore, attendees add themselves to the system, instead of your staff manually entering them. The efficiency gains are clear.

Potential clients can also register for counseling, after being guided by the automatic Center Directory maps to a preferred physical location. Integrated Google maps and driving directions, along with branded center contact detail information introduces each center to the clients.

  • Events and Counseling Centers are published within your web site layout, there is no disruptive transfer away to a third-party site which can confuse potential attendees and clients
  • Event fees can be collected via credit card online. We support multiple payment processors, such as PayPal,, etc.
  • You can utilize coupon codes, discounts, two-for-one specials, and multiple attendees per single registration
  • Optional capacity can automatically close signup when event is full
  • Friendly event search and lists by time range, nearest locations, and topic
  • Public and private library resources can be added to events for the attendees/staff to access. For example, a speaker's presentations can be made available to the attendees to download before or after an event.
  • A customizable landing web page is available to send attendees to once they register
  • Email notifications and reminders are sent to event coordinators and attendees
  • Support for traditional classroom, online, and on-demand events

Surveys and Assessments

Discover your clients' needs and market your programs more efficiently. Online Surveys and Assessments provide a powerful communication channel for gathering client data in an easy to analyze format. Event satisfaction surveys are just one part of this flexible surveying system. You can create surveys to evaluate client satisfaction, or survey just about any other metric you can think of. Special sections can be included in the surveys to track client specific data such as address and impact, which directly updates the client information in Center IC.

  • Surveys can be automated! Set them up once and let them run on auto-pilot
  • Surveys are shown within your website which helps with branding and prevents visitor confusion
  • Build your own surveys with customizable check-boxes, grids, pick-lists, etc
  • Utilizes special survey sections that allow clients to update their address, business status, categories, loans, contracts, and other impact, all while taking a survey

Resource Library

Do you need a place to store resources for staff members and allow the staff to grow that library over time? Do you need a way to allow clients and attendees to securely download targeted documents, without all the problems of email attachments? The Center EX Resource Library does all that, with tracking and an easy to use permission system. The Resource Library can be a powerful tool for organizing your internal information as well as improving your counseling programs.

  • Internal library folders for staff documents
  • Public documents visible to all web site visitors
  • Customer documents for clients only
  • Auditing to see who downloaded what and when
  • Tracks referrals to other sites
  • Resources can be internal and external web pages, documents, videos, presentations, spreadsheets, podcasts, etc.
  • Web Documents in the library can be edited online with the built-in rich HTML editor

Email Marketing

Easily reach out to your clients, your attendees, and stakeholders with targeted email messages from the integrated mass email engine.

  • Send emails to clients, attendees, and stakeholders
  • We provide a high performance email sending service behind the scenes, so no need to setup each user, or to deal with or be blocked by your email providers
  • We track bounces, opens, clicks, complaints, and unsubscribes automatically. Your email list will become cleaner than ever before.
  • Integrated within Center IC, no need to export email addresses to a third-party
  • Messages can contain rich HTML and images
  • Powerful multi-layered filters let you target anyone in your database
  • Bad email addresses, duplicate emails, and clients who have 'opted out' are automatically removed.
  • Complies with FTC spam rules and provides ‘opt-out’ features for recipient
  • Message Templates - reuse your own branded messages, and share them by center and across the organization

Client Dashboard

The Client Dashboard enhances counseling by presenting a single integrated picture of the counseling relationship. Clients manage their contact and business information, upcoming events, upcoming counseling appointments, surveys, personal document library, and counseling history via an intuitive and secure web interface.

Using the dashboard, clients and attendees can:

  • Review workshop details for events they have registered for
  • Pay event fees
  • See upcoming appointments with counselors
  • See upcoming events at their centers
  • Take surveys they have been invited to
  • Download counselor-assigned library documents
  • Access automatic resource library document recommendations
  • See a history or counselors they have contacted and events they have attended
  • Review and edit their contact information
  • Change their business status, such as employee counts, annual sales, etc., which results in impact sessions

Email Integration - IC Inbox

iC inbox

The fastest and easiest way to capture data into Center IC. Captured email is assigned to customers/clients automatically. Capture both outgoing and incoming email for Clients and Staff. Share Inboxes with teams to get done faster.

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