Boards with visual Analytics shown on tablets, phone and computer
IC Boards

IC Boards gives you the tools necessary to construct an information display board built from flexible report tiles.

Use the sample boards we provide, or make your own.

Create dashboards, scoreboards, lists, reports, etc.

Tailor them for individuals, centers or even the whole network.


Visual Analytics

Engage the power of visual perception with information dashboards and scoreboards to clarify center business intelligence at myriad levels.

Select from 15 different chart types plus trend and map visualizations to enhance your boards.

Visual Analytics Charts

Choose from over 15 different chart types to visualize your data.

Map Visualizations

Visualize your customer data by geography. Includes US states, counties, and congressional districts. Drill into the data by clicking on the map.

State Congressional Districts

US Counties

State Counties

US Districts

Updated 9/2/2018 3:35:16 PM | Chris Willis